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Restaurants Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Menu Specials

I’m pretty cinco’ed out. I spent the last week or so gathering images and info about restaurant deals for Cinco de Mayo, so I’m pretty tired of the words “Cinco de Mayo,” “margarita,” “tequila,” and “tacos.” My friend in Mexico told me that only the state of Puebla celebrates the holiday there. I’ve never celebrated Cinco de Mayo and I’m not sure how or why Americans have latched onto this day, but maybe we all just like an excuse to get drunk and eat tacos (no judgment there).

See how restaurants are partying it up for Cinco de Mayo!

Photo: Morrison Pub/Facebook

Work Happenings

Desserts at Chipotle?

I learned from work that Chipotle will be releasing two desserts soon. One of them will be buñuelos, which I understand to be sweet fried dough balls. I personally rarely order anything else at Chipotle besides my usual burrito bowl and the occasional chips and guac, so I doubt I will get dessert at the chain. Unless these were like the BEST buñuelos ever. But maybe those with a sweet tooth would like the option of ordering something sugary with their Chipotle meal. Or this could be a huge fail. We shall see, Chipotle…

Featured image: Wikipedia

Work Happenings

Trending: Mexican Cheeses

I’ve spent most of my day reading about Mexican cheeses and staring at delicious photos of cheesy dishes (I’m actually lactose-intolerant, but I’m a cruel self-abuser when it comes to dairy, haha).

Cotija cheese is becoming more commonplace in the restaurant world, as are other Mexican cheeses.

Here’s the gallery I assembled together on the topic, if you’re interested in seeing how these cheeses are being used!

Photo: True Food Kitchen/Facebook