Just for Fun

Green & Black’s Chocolate on the Street

When I was walking near Columbus Circle this morning, two women from Green & Black’s on the street gave me chocolates and an info card (excuse the bandage; I cut myself on a tuna can and aluminum foil while cooking last night 😦 ). I’ve noticed the company’s signs along the 59th St. subway station walls too. Maybe this area has their main target demographic? It’s a British chocolate company. I’ve never heard of it until recently.

The chocolate was good. I prefer dark chocolate to milk chocolate (and I don’t enjoy white chocolate), so I lucked out with getting dark chocolate with sea salt. And I like their watercolor-esque wrapping.

Work Happenings

The Re-Colonelization of KFC

I handled the digital production for this KFC analysis story in February and my editors let me know that it has gained a good amount of traction online. Nice to know that the time you put in can bring results!

Get the inside story of how the return of Colonel Sanders’ values brought KFC back to life.