Work Happenings

Just-For-Dad Restaurant Specials

I spent a good chunk of this week (and last week) contacting PR people to get images for this Father’s Day gallery, writing it up, and then assembling it. A lot of the deals involve steak and beer, haha (Hey! Moms like steak and beer too!). Continue reading

Just for Fun

Cajun Boil in Fort Lee

I treated my roommate to a belated birthday dinner since I was away in Mexico when she celebrated it with our friends. We went to The Boiling Pot in Fort Lee, NJ. They do Cajun-style boil but the place is owned by Koreans so in addition to snow crab legs, crawfish, shrimp, mussels, clams, sausages, potatoes, and corn, there are also fish cakes (오뎅) and rice cakes (떡). It’s quite yummy. We got a bag plus Cajun french fries and beers. I love seafood and anything spicy, so I like coming here. The perks of living so close to Jersey is that I can just hop on a bus and get good food for a lower price and cheap beer (At this restaurant, Corona is $3, Heineken is $4, Stella is $5!).