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PDQ Chicken Tenders

A team from PDQ brought chicken tenders to our office today in celebration of National Chicken Tender Day next week (July 27). The tenders came with their line of sauces, cookies, and apple slices with toffee-cheesecake dip. The PR people also passed out “stress-chickens” to us. Mine is now residing at my desk (cute!)


My “stress-chicken”

I had never had PDQ chicken before. The team came from South Jersey (because that’s the closest location), but a PR person told me that they plan on opening a Manhattan location in the future.

All in all, the chicken was good. Since I didn’t have it fresh, it’s hard to say exactly where it stands in comparison to other chicken tenders I’ve had (Raising Cane’s is great, by the way), but it had a well-balanced breading to meat ratio. The sauces were all a little too sweet and subtle for me (I’m really into bold flavors though, so I’m biased).

I’d be down to try other PDQ menu items whenever they make here to the city!


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