Just for Fun

McNulty’s: Rare Teas and Choice Coffees

I’m an avid tea drinker (in a city full of coffee addicts 😭). I usually have at least 3-4 cups a day. While my friends and I were wandering this past weekend, I happened to notice an old-looking shop on Christopher Street, McNulty’s. I liked its unassuming appearance and I’ve been longing for a place to get quality tea, so I decided to make a trip inside (along with my friends). The smell of freshly ground coffee instantly assailed my senses as soon as I stepped in. I got excited to see some names of teas I’ve tried at Radiance Tea House.

I wound up buying a quarter pound of Chinese hibiscus and a Moroccan mint blend (with green tea) each. I’ve been really into the flavors (and health benefits!) of hibiscus and mint lately, so those are the teas I’ve mainly been drinking for the past month, haha.

Definitely want to make a trip back to this shop when I can! It’s been around since 1895, wow…


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