Just for Fun

Oscar’s Place: British and Belgian

I went to a restaurant in West Village recently for brunch. I rarely go to this area (quite a long journey from my home), but it’s a great location for restaurants. My friends and I tried Oscar’s Place, a place for British and Belgian food. Overall, it was an okay experience. The food wasn’t terrible and the service was just so-so. Nothing about the place was amazing enough to tempt me into another visit. And they don’t sell any scones (when I think British fare, I want scones!).


Oscar’s Place is pretty small, so not the best location for group gatherings (we were a group of seven; any bigger than that number might be hard). Thankfully, my friend (whose birthday we were celebrating) made a reservation ahead of time.

My roommate and I split the salmon eggs benedict (with salad and mash) and The Purist (a regular waffle with maple syrup and butter). The eggs benedict was decent (that’s a standard brunch dish) and the salad & mash were basic, much flavor. The waffle came out cold though, so my roommate and I were a little miffed. The butter didn’t melt on the waffle at all. 😦

A few friends ordered the fish and chips. It was good! Hard to go wrong with anything battered and fried. The fish was deliciously crunchy, but the fries were kind of soggy. And the tartar sauce on the side tasted more like mayo.

It was an okay meal, but nothing was quite memorable. There are definitely better brunch places in the city.


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