Work Happenings

Mediterranean Lunch by Nish Nush

Nish Nush, a Mediterranean vegetarian restaurant in the city, offered to cater lunch for those of us at the office today. I’ve never heard of Nish Nush before, but I enjoyed the food (we all did!). The first time I had falafel, it was a revelation for my taste buds. I think I first tried it sometime in the middle of my college career. Experiencing an entirely new flavor profile was amazing. 


Three different kinds of falafel: Classic, Red Hot Chili (roasted pepper), and Popeye Delight (spinach and mushroom)

Anyways, Nish Nush gave our office a whole spread–whole wheat and regular pita bread, a large amount of hummus, kale salad, three types of falafel (yum), veggie sides and sauces. The food was all well-seasoned and very filling. I didn’t feel the lack of meat.


Pita and hummus: A classic combo


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