Just for Fun

Wine and Nibbles

I met up with a friend at her place in Jersey yesterday. She is a wine expert, so she always has a really great selection. I personally don’t know a lot about wine (I just take a sip and decide if I like it or not, haha). Everything I know about wine so far, I’ve learned from this friend!

I first had sherry at a wine tasting I went with her and enjoyed it a lot. It’s very nutty and I love that flavor (my favorite ice cream is pistachio ice cream; one of my favorite snacks is roasted chestnuts). My friend had a nice bottle of sherry as well as a rich-tasting white wine at her place and we drank them with a bunch of snacks. I’m a red wine lover (Cabernet Sauvignon!), but I’m developing a liking for sherry. Unfortunately, it is quite an expensive liking, as well-aged sherry costs a lot of money. But my friend told me I could get younger sherry for a decent price. Might have to hit up my local wine store…


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