Work Happenings

Kati Roll Lunch

We’re working through lunch today and my editor treated our team to a meal from The Kati Roll Company, a fast-casual restaurant chain (most locations in New York; one location in London) making Indian food more accessible and portable for consumers. 

I’ve heard The Kati Roll Company mentioned countless times at work. At NRN, we named it one of our Breakout Brands for 2017. This is my first time trying the kati rolls though. I got the Unda Beef Roll (beef tikka pieces with egg in flatbread) and the Aloo Masala Roll (spiced potato with tomatoes and green peppers in flatbread), both on whole wheat roti. They were SO good. Really yummy. I will definitely go to a location in the city and get it for myself another time. I washed it down with some mango lassi (also quite yummy).

I’m a fan now!


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