I had the pleasure of visiting a friend who lives in Piedras Negras (a town near the border) this past weekend and she introduced me to a lot of good food. I’ve been to P.N. on missions twice before with my church, but I had never gotten to experience the “real Mexico” (as my friend put it) because we were always served delicious but kind of American meals (safe for our American stomachs, haha).

I was excited to taste more authentic Mexican cuisine during this trip. Here’s all the yummy grub I had.

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If you’re interested in ever visiting these places, here are the Facebook pages of the restaurants I went to. I totally recommend all of them (except maybe The Beer Box, which had great burgers, tasty salsa, and a wide selection of beers but so-so fries and really terrible service, possibly the worst service I’ve ever seen at an eating establishment, haha).

The Beer Box

El Tecu

La Casita

Los Tacos del Sur (Bonus: my friend found a YouTube clip of Anthony Bourdain eating here for his show “No Reservations.”)

El Jalisquillo


Just for Fun

A Food Tour of Piedras Negras


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