crab legs and keto sushi
Just for Fun

Snow Crab Legs and Keto Sushi

I was starving after the gym, so I decided to treat myself to some crab and sushi. I’m trying to eat ketogenically (so basically, high fat, moderate protein, and really low carb), so I can’t actually eat real sushi. A Whole Foods brown rice roll with salmon and avocado is a shocking 64 grams of carbs! And my daily limit is 50 grams. I occasionally crave it though, so I found a keto version of sushi in a blog post online. 

Basically, you use cream cheese (which is great for keto) instead of rice. I mixed in cream cheese with canned tuna, Sriracha sauce, cayenne pepper (I like spicy food), and roe. Then I wrapped it in nori seaweed with avocado inside. It was hard to cut (cream cheese is so soft), but I loved it! It was delicious. Definitely will make more cream cheese sushi in the near future.

I also cooked crab legs in the oven and melted some butter with some black pepper and garlic powder added in. Also very yummy!

I’ve loved eating seafood since I was a kid. My mom says it’s because she was born and raised on an island and I have that island blood in me, haha.


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