Just for Fun

Maharlika: A Filipino Brunch

A friend who’s visiting said she wanted something Asian for brunch, but that didn’t leave us with a lot of options (More Asian restaurants should create brunch options!). I decided on Maharlika (a Filipino place in East Village) because I’ve never had Filipino cuisine before and according what I see at work, it’s starting to become trendy and hit the mainstream (much like how Korean food has boomed in the past couple of years).

I got the dasilog (fried fish with sunnyside up egg and salad). It comes with garlic rice, but I just asked for salad instead since I’m eating keto. One of my friends got sisig (like a sizzling skillet of yummy pork parts?), which was really hearty and flavorful.

I wouldn’t mind trying more Filipino cuisine. A popukar dish at Maharlika is their fried chicken and ube (purple yam) waffle. Definitely want to try that once I can eat more carbs.


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